The SB6 is designed to excel on a international Championship level as well as slaying your neighborhood trails with self assurance inspiring composure. For 2019 the SB6 now comes with a downhill worth manufacturing facility go with the flow X2 rear surprise, full length internal cable tunnels for simplified protection, and is sponsored by way of a life-time guarantee at the frame so you can fee difficult with peace of thoughts.

Exceeding Enduro Performance Boundaries with Yeti Enduro 29er Bikes. Yeti Cycles is a household name in enduro mountain biking, known for their innovative, high-quality, and aggressive styles. Serious riders have long favored this Colorado-based manufacturer, whose portfolio of 29er enduro bikes sets the standard for durability and performance.

Mountain Carbon Bike Complete Yeti SB 6 Gx Eagle
Yeti SB 6 Gx Eagle
Mountain Bike Complete Yeti SB 6 Turq X01 Eagle
SB 6 Turq X01 Eagle

An Innovative Tradition
Mountain biking has a long history with Yeti Cycles, having a presence since the mid-1980s. Because of its emphasis on quality and innovation, the brand has developed a devoted following among serious mountain riders. This dedication is reflected in Yeti’s enduro bikes, which are designed to function exceptionally well even on the most difficult tracks.

The Benefit of 29-Inch Tires
The 29-inch wheels used in Yeti’s enduro series are one of its most notable features. Numerous advantages come with these bigger wheels, such as better grip, more stability, and improved rollover capabilities. 29-inch wheels offer a more confident and smoother ride for enduro riders who must face high-speed portions, rock gardens, and difficult descents.

Switch Infinity Suspension Exclusive to Yeti
In the enduro bike industry, Yeti’s unique Switch Infinity suspension technology is revolutionary. This creative design creates a responsive and effective suspension system with a translating pivot mechanism. The end product is a bike that is perfect for enduro racing and long-day trail excursions since it can climb easily and descend confidently.

A progressive feel is produced throughout the travel range by the rear suspension’s dynamic adjustment made possible by the Switch Infinity system. This implies that Yeti’s enduro motorcycles provide riders with a controlled and smooth ride by being equally adept at handling little bumps and large smashes.

Accurate Geometry and Superior Construction
Enduro bikes made by Yeti are renowned for having exact geometry that maximizes performance and handling. A stable and confidence-boosting ride is produced by the long wheelbase, low bottom bracket, and slack headtube angle. These characteristics are essential for enduro riding since the fast-paced, technical descents call for stable control and fast responses.

Apart from their outstanding shape, Yeti enduro bikes are made with high-quality materials and components. Because the carbon frames are strong and lightweight, vigorous riding is possible without compromising strength. These motorcycles are made with flawless craftsmanship, making them resistant to the rigors of enduro racing.

Personalization and Adaptability
With the variety of customization options available on Yeti’s enduro bikes, riders may tailor their setups to best suit their riding preferences and style. These bikes may be customized to meet individual demands because to their changeable suspension settings, range of frame sizes, and assortment of component options. Because of their adaptability, Yeti’s 29er enduro bikes are a great option for riders looking for a high-performance vehicle that can handle a variety of trails and weather situations.