Compared to now, the enduro e-bike market was relatively new in 2013. Electric mountain bikes, or e-MTBs, were becoming more and more popular, but there weren’t many options, and the majority of e-bikes were made more for city or off-road riding than for enduro or off-roading.

Nevertheless, at that same time, other manufacturers started looking into the potential of e-MTBs for more difficult terrain. In 2013, if you were looking for an enduro-style e-bike, you probably found a few models from industry pioneers that provided off-road-ready electric bikes with tougher frames, suspension, and other parts. Around 2013, the following noteworthy models or manufacturers were just beginning to produce e-bikes with enduro potential:

Haibike: One of the first businesses to produce performance-focused e-MTBs, Haibike is well-known for its early embrace of Bosch e-bike technology. Although some of its most well-known models, like as the Xduro series, were beginning to appear, these bikes were probably intended more for trail riding than for enduro racing. They were still among the most sophisticated e-bikes available at the time.
Haibike   2013

Specialized Turbo: Specialized entered the e-bike industry with the launching of their first Turbo e-bike in 2012, which was primarily intended for urban use. The enduro e-bike market was defined by the e-MTBs that were later developed, thanks in part to the technology from this early model.
Specialized Turbo e-bike in 2012

Stromer: Although it was primarily focused on hybrid and commute riding, this Swiss company was well-known for its high-performance e-bikes. Future advancements in the e-MTB market were impacted by the technologies employed in these bikes.
If you were interested in an enduro e-bike in 2013, you may have had to modify or convert a more all-purpose e-bike for off-road use due to the limited options and technology available. As technology and consumer demand increased in the years that followed, enduro e-bikes really began to expand and specialize, giving rise to the sophisticated and varied selection we see today.