The Perfect Friend for City Commuters: The Step-Through Electric Commuter Bike.The VIVI MT26G Step-Through Electric Commuter Bike is a model that stands out in the quickly changing world of electric bikes due to its efficiency, comfort, and practicality. The purpose of this bike is to satisfy the demands of urban commuters looking for a dependable, fashionable, and user-friendly e-bike for everyday commuting. We’ll go over the main characteristics and advantages of the VIVI MT26G in this post, showing you why it’s a great option for short-distance travel and urban commuting.

Simple Step-Through Framework for Practicality
For riders of all ages and skill levels, the step-through frame design of the VIVI MT26G is extremely convenient. In contrast to conventional frames, the step-through design facilitates effortless mounting and dismounting, rendering it perfect for individuals with mobility impairments or those seeking a more easily accessible bicycle. Riders who want to commute in skirts or casual attire would also find this design appealing.

Strong 350W Motor for Effective Transportation
The VIVI MT26G’s 350W motor provides enough power for short excursions and city travel. The motor makes for a quiet and comfortable ride, making it easy to maneuver through metropolitan streets and traffic. Because of the motor’s effectiveness, you may pedal to your destination swiftly and without becoming tired.

Step-Through Electric Commuter Bike, Strong 350W Motor

Long-range, high-capacity lithium-ion battery
The battery life of an electric bike is an essential feature, and the VIVI MT26G delivers on this front. With a single charge, its large capacity lithium-ion battery can cover 40–50 km (depending on the terrain, rider weight, and pedal assist level). You won’t have to worry about running out of power whether you meet friends, run errands, or commute to work thanks to this wide range.

Multiple Throttle Modes and Pedal-Assist Levels
With the different pedal-assist settings that the VIVI MT26G offers, you may adjust the level of assistance to suit your needs and the terrain. For people who wish to lead an active lifestyle but still receive assistance when needed, this function is ideal. The bike also has a throttle mode that lets you ride without peddling, which is a terrific feature for steep hills or times when you need a break.

Comfortable Riding Experience thanks to Adjustable and Suspension Parts
The VIVI MT26G is made to be a comfortable motorcycle. Its front suspension smoothes out bumps and shocks to provide you a more comfortable ride on rough terrain. During extended rides, the adjustable seat and handlebars let you achieve the ideal riding position and lessen the strain on your shoulders and back.

Protection Measures and City-Friendly Style
Urban situations require a high level of safety, which is why the VIVI MT26G has reflective strips for improved safety, front and rear lights for visibility, and dependable disc brakes for effective stopping force. The bike’s step-through frame and small size make it simple to maneuver through narrow spaces and congested streets, guaranteeing a quick and safe commute