High quality carbon fiber 29 inch enduro trail cycling frames with from 2019 bikes lifetime quarantee, designed with Switch Infinity suspension to excel on downhill, climb international championship.

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The SB6 is designed to excel on a international championship level as well as slaying your near trails with self assurance inspiring composure. For 2019 the SB6 now comes with a downhill worth manufacturing facility go with the flow X2 rear surprise, full length internal cable tunnels for simplified protection, and is sponsored by way of a life time guarantee at the frame so you can fee difficult with peace of thoughts. The SB6 is a difficult charging cycle, so Yeti checks the body to high end requirements, going thus far as to check to stiffness of downhill bikes
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Carbon Enduro Bikes Yeti SB 6

Yeti SB 6 Gx Eagle Bikes

Bikes Yeti SB 6 Turq X01

Yeti SB 6 Turq X01 Eagle Bikes

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Yeti SB 6 Xt/slx Bikes

Bike Yeti SB 5.5 Gx

SB 5.5 Gx Eagle Bikes

Yeti SB 5 Lr Gx

SB 5 Lr Gx Eagle Bikes

Yeti SB 5 Turq Lr X01

SB 5 Turq Lr X01 Eagle Race

Life Time Guarantee Carbon SB 4.5 Turq Eagle, Eagle Race, X01

Gives us a spoon in this soupy international with the 2018 SB 4.5 Turq mountain bike frame. Correctly locating the balance among a capable trail bike that could take care of some chunky rock gardens, and a smooth trail loving, pedal mashing XC cycle, the SB 4.5 functions lighter weight and extra nimble coping with to earn its spot as a true all mountain bike.

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All Yeti newer bikes models from 2019 year has Lifetime Guarantee

Yeti SB 4.5

SB 4.5 Gx Eagle

Yeti SB 4.5 X01

SB 4.5 Turq X01 Eagle

SB 45 Turq Xx1

SB 4.5 Turq Xx1 Eagle

SB 5 X01

SB 5 Turq X01 Eagle

SB 5 Xx1

SB 5 Turq Xx1 Eagle

SB 5 Xt/slx

SB 5 Xt/slx

Yeti Life Time Guarantee Carbon SB 130, SB 150

The SB 130 Turq Mountain bike body. With its lightweight TURQ carbon body, the plush yet efficient transfer Infinity platform, and geometry that makes the cycle experience like an enduro sled at the descents without sacrificing pedaling performance on the way returned up, the SB130 feels proper at home on surely any path. Longer, decrease, slacker has been the trend on present day path cycles, and on the SB 130 the geometry numbers lean in the direction of a skilled descender which can still pedal all day whilst it's time to earn your turns.

SB 130 Gx

SB 130 Gx Eagle

SB 130 X01

130 Turq X01 Eagle Race

SB 130 X01

SB 130 Turq X01 Eagle

SB 150 Gx

SB 150 Comp Gx Eagle

SB 150 X01

SB 150 Turq X01 Eagle Race

SB 150 Gx

SB 150 Gx Eagle

Life Time Guarantee Carbon Yeti SB 100 Brilliant Trail Bikes

They journey brilliant, build up light and continually look on factor. Its SB 100 isnt any exception and a high quality improve over its previous ASR Carbon with the addition of its transfer Infinity suspension platform and greater cutting edge geometry. XC bikes have usually had a bit more of a rowdy alter ego making them fun and succesful trail bikes on the ones days while we are no longer pinning it on the race route.
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SB 100 Gx

Enduro SB 100 Gx Eagle

Enduro SB 100 Turq X01 Eagle

SB 100 Turq X01

Enduro SB 100 Turq X01 Eagle Race

SB 100 Turq Beti X01

Enduro SB 100 Turq Beti X01 Eagle

SB 100 Beti Gx

Enduro SB 100 Beti Gx Eagle Comp

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Each the SB5 and the Beti version have received enterprise acclaim a bike which could tackle most any trail situation you will face but nevertheless comes in at an impressive weight and pedals exceptionaly nicely. Attribute the great suspension overall performance switch Infinity slider.
The gadget utilizes a patented translating pivot that routinely switches course because the cycle moves via its tour.

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